Whether you have existing tools or want to build your own, we pull your data together across all systems.  You get on-demand reports and analytics to include cost per lead (CPL), cost per acquisition (CPA), and lifetime value (LTV), to name a few.

Why we sell analytics solutions rather than another tool or platform!

Most of our customers have sought out and purchased reporting tools in hopes of solving their analytics and reporting needs.  The reality is reporting platforms like Tableau, Power BI, Microsoft SSRS, Domo, to name a few, cannot solve your problems out of the box.   It’s like buying a canvas and paint.  You have everything you need to create an artistic masterpiece, but the reality is that you need an artist to make that happen.   Though we can all appreciate our children’s finger painting, we need a Picasso when it comes to managing our businesses intelligence platform.  We use the canvas and paint you already have, but we supply Picasso. 

You cannot succeed without full funnel visibility and optimization!

Let’s be clear, we are not talking about the marketing and sales reports you pull together a few times a year by crunching data in Excel. You need “on demand” insights throughout your entire funnel. Full funnel visibility is an absolute must to succeed in marketing and customer acquisition. You need to be able to see everything from click to revenue for each marketing tactic you have. Long funnel customers who have leads, contacts, appointments, applications, and acquisitions must be able to optimize each step to reduce marketing cost per acquisition, which subsequently makes you more competitive in click bids and improves ROI. If you are not optimizing marketing spend around down funnel metrics beyond clicks or leads, you will not be able to compete in the long term due to click/visit cost inflation.

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Full Funnel Reports and Analytics
Full Funnel Reports and Analytics